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Leverage Our Expertise On Emerging Traffic Sources To Engage Audiences You May Not Be Reaching

Of Total Global Traffic Comes From The "Big 6" Sources*



Of Total Global Traffic Comes From Everything Else, A Large Part of Which We Call Emerging Traffic Sources*



Opportunity Awaits Your Brand Outside Of The Biggest Platforms

(Most Brands Sleep On This)


The "Big 6" (MAMAA + Netflix) have seen a decline of 9% YoY in terms of their percentage contribution to total internet volume. This means their dominance is now waning amid an expanding number of app categories and greater number of apps, which are producing more data overall. This contributed to the 23% increase in overall traffic volume in 2022.

Why Build A Strategy For Emerging Traffic Sources?


Emerging Traffic Sources make up the majority of online traffic and growth, presenting an often overlooked but significant opportunity. These lesser known traffic sources give your brand access to audiences and customers you aren't reaching yet. We've built a network of these traffic sources that drive incredible results and our proprietary tools and operations enable us to empower our partners to grow where other brands aren't.

Many brands don't have the resources to identify and manage emerging traffic sources. We set out to solve that and spent over 3 years and millions of dollars developing proprietary solutions and the relationships to win on these platforms. We've done the heavy lifting so you don't have to. We capture market share that other brands and agencies aren't paying attention to or don't have the resources to solve for. Partnering with us provides a true sales lift as we acquire customers in untapped sections of the market.

Avoid the pit falls or overpaying for campaigns and traffic sources which are too complicated and costly to learn and navigate, let alone manage and optimize ongoing relative to sales volume.

Put our team and expertise to work for you. Only pay for conversions, leads and performance, not clicks or impressions. 


"Netflix + MAMAA (Microsoft, Alphabet, Meta, Amazon, Apple) generate 48% of growing internet traffic, but their percentage contribution has gone down (9%) amid data surges from new app categories and new apps." (Sandvine)

*Sandvine. (2023, January). Phenomena: The Global Internet Phenomena Report. Retrieved from Sandvine Page 10